Greetings from the Amagugu International Heritage Centre in Matobo, Zimbabwe (AIHC), a site which documents, preserves and promotes indigenous cultural heritage. AIHC was established in 2010 out of the vision of renowned historian Pathisa Nyathi, the founding director and owner.

AIHC’s developmental thrust and resourcing ideology is informed by self-help and self-sufficiency which engenders a spirit of independence and pride. We share with you some lovely pictures from the site.

The centre lists its objectives as developing and enriching the consciousness of the people about their cultural heritage and fostering respect for cultural identities; cultivating cultural exchange and giving indigenous culture international prominence; developing skills and knowledge relating to traditional crafts as well as collecting and preserving local cultural artifacts.

A traditional granary at the centre. Photo: Amagugu heritage

Some of the products, services and activities one will enjoy at the site include crafts making of pottery/ ceramics, skin/leather tanning, wood carving, iron working, basketry and stone sculpture. One can also participate in cultural activities such as rubbing sticks to make fire, fetching water from a well, grounding/pounding sorghum grain on stones and using pestle and mortar, cooking sadza/isitshwala, setting snares, fencing, beer brewing, sorghum threshing and floor preparation. There are a range of many other activities one can enjoy at this centre.

A school child experiences a traditional craft. Photo: Amagugu heritage


A woman builds blocks for a hut. Photo: Amagugu heritage


Some of the traditional dances to enjoy at the centre. Photo: Amagugu heritage
Painted faces competition winners. Photo: Amagugu heritage


Traditional games have always played an important role in the African community. Photo: Amagugu heritage