Togbe Ngoryifia Céphas Kosi Bansah (69) also known as Céphas Bansah Céphas Bansah, helps to govern more than two million Ghanaian and Togolese people. What makes him outstanding is that he does this via Skype while working as a full time mechanic in Germany. King Bansah is also recognized as a “superior and spiritual chief of Ewe people” in the West African country of Togo.

The King who grew up in Ghana, moved to Germany in 1970, when his then-king grandfather encouraged him to train there as a mechanic. Upon completing his studies he became a German citizen and set up his garage Ludwigshafen.

In 1987, Bansah’s grandfather died and his father and eldest brother were deemed unfit to rule because they were left-handed, which the Ewe people considered to be “unclean.” Bansah had to succeed his grandfather and committed his life to support the well-being and development of his people, while still working from nine to five in his garage.

Julian Zimmermann introduces Togbui Ngoryifia Kosi Olatidoye Céphas Bansah, King of Hohoe Gbi Traditional Ghana.
Photo: Flickr/ Jens_T

He now lives with his wife Gabriele Bansah, and their two children Carlo and Katharina, continuing his job as a mechanic and his role as King. King Bansah returns to Ghana up to eight times a year, often accompanied by his wife. He has built schools, bridges, and wells, and he donated water pumps and vehicles. He also raises aid money through performing as a singer, appearing on national TV shows and at public events in Germany.

Photo: Flickr/ Quadratestadt Mannheim


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