On the 5th of May in 1941 after about five years in exile in Britain, Haile Selassie, Ethiopia’s 225th and last emperor returned to Ethiopia to reclaim his throne with the help of the British. Selassie lost his throne in 1936 after he was defeated by Italians and fled to Britain. Haile Selassie became the face of the resistance as he went before the League of Nations in Geneva for assistance. In his absence Ethiopians continued to resist the Italians, waging a guerrilla war to undermine and destabilise the process of colonisation. It is for this reason that the Tigrayans felt he did not deserve to return to the throne.

CGTN Africa reports that though he died almost four decades ago, Haile Selassie’s legacy remains strong and valid.

Faces of Africa” sought to unearth the events and memories of the man who dared to confront The League of Nations, now UN, pleading for their support in conquering the Italians who were preparing to attack Ethiopia. For your Friday watch, enjoy their documentary posted in 2014 on the Emperor.