Nthato Mokgata, better known by the alias Spoek Mathambo, a South African artist, producer, and MC based in Copenhagen collaborated with Lars Iversen on a project called Hot Ice. Iversen is known as the founder, producer and main songwriter of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, while Mathambo is a hugely influential and pioneering electronic artist and producer both within his native South Africa and the wider world.

The project kicked off with their irresistible single ‘Lola’, an uplifting and bouncy slice of summery, tropical dub-pop, which was released on 24th March 2017 via Atlantic Records. The track also featured guest vocals from Mattias Kolstrup, lead singer of renowned Danish electronic band Dúné.

The music plays for 3.27 minutes, and tells of a girl called Lola. It opens with a declaration in Spanish, ‘Mi Lola’. Whether this is actually representative of a lady, it’s unknown. With a constant refrain of ‘Lola, I really wanna know who you are,’ it’s easy for the melody to play at the back of one’s head almost subconsciously.