Today we celebrate the good news of Inxeba, The Wound, which became the latest South African film to be streamed on Netflix. The film came out in cinemas on February 2.

The film follows Xolani, a young man who joins the other men of his community on a journey to the mountains to initiate a group of teenagers into manhood. However, one of the initiates discovers Xolani’s secret. The story tracks a closeted relationship between two men in the context of the Xhosa initiation ritual.

Following the release of the film in South Africa, there were protests and death threats. Many complained that the film represented the Xhosa culture in negative light. Out of the 16 cinemas that were to show the film, only seven showed it. The film has however performed exceptionally well on the Box Office despite the furore it has generated.

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The South African film Inxeba was released on the 2nd of February. Photo: Twitter/Inxeba

In an interview with HuffingtonPost, John Trengove the director of the film said, “Everyone is entitled to protest the film, but when it comes to people shutting down the film, we really take it personally.”

The film opened at number five on the box office. With debates being raised on social media, the film has gained popularity and more people are going to the cinemas to watch it.

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Guy Lodge a movie reviewer for Variety said the film is, “Universally identifiable but rooted in fascinating indigenous tradition, “The Wound” should bleed deeply into the international festival circuit- particularly its LGBT division.