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South Africa: First Black Woman Commander of a Military Cargo Plane

Today we celebrate South African 31 year old Nandi Zama, who has become the first black woman commander of a military cargo plane in the South African Air Force. Zama who joined the Force straight from high school is not keen to celebrate the African and female part of her achievement as she believes her achievement is where a person should eventually end up in an organisation and that femininity is an enhancing factor and not a limiting one.


International Day of Happiness: Keep a smile on your face everyday

Today we celebrate the International Day of happiness, a day established by the United Nations as a way to recognise the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world. Where do you derive your joy from? Your religion, family, loved one, job, home, television or other social activities? How can you put a smile on the face of a sad fellow human being today and every other day. Share your happiness tips with us today.

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16 Wives: Another (Familiar) Jovi Classic

Fans and critics of Cameroonian MC, producer and rapper Jovi have grown accustomed to his idiosyncratic brand of hip-hop, which is a constant fusion of diverse sounds. His recently released third studio album, 16 Wives, is further testament to this. Problem is, this trait makes his albums sound strangely familiar at the macroscopic level, which means he could become increasingly predictable.