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Otieno Gomba Interview at Maasai Mbili Studio Kibera, Nairobi

Otieno Gomba is a visual artist whose practice is deeply informed by signwriting and the space in which he works and lives – Kibera, one of Kenya’s largest informal settlements, or slums. In 2001 he and fellow artist Otieno Kota founded the pioneering Maasai Mbili Art Centre – which serves as a studio cum gallery and a platform for many creatives from the area. Since then Gomba has developed his own distinctive style, referred to as ‘ghetto art’, and while painting is at the heart of his practice Gomba also ventures into community outreach projects, conceptual art, fashion, mixed media and music. In order to find out more about the artist, whose work has been exhibited widely both nationally and internally, I popped by the Maasai Mbili Art Centre to have chat with him.

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Happy Global Day of Parents: Their four important roles in our lives

Today we commemorate the Global Day of Parents. Parents are the most important people in our lives from an early age until adulthood. The love, care and nurturing they give often determine the life we have. Sometimes we may be tempted to limit the role of parenting to the birthing process, however the bigger role is the nurturing, protecting and taking responsibility for another human being’s life. What message do you have for your parents today?