Three years ago Ghanaian Kafui Awoonor became tired of looking for beauty products without some harmful chemicals. She now makes her own range of natural hair and skin products.

Kafui is a range of preservative free hair and skin care products.

“I saw a gap in the market for beauty products that specifically target women with darker skin tones. Some of the products on the markets today contain preservatives that in the long run cause more damage than good.”

Kafui products. Photo: Facebook/Kafui
Kafui products. Photo: Facebook/Kafui

Kafui says her products contain natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Coco oil. Both have properties that boost healthy looking skin and hair. Her products range from face masks to special ordered black soap from Ghana.

“I have replaced a lot of the products that I used to buy in stores. When friends and family or strangers started asking me what I used for my skin and where they could buy it, I realized I possibly had an idea that could grow into something. So, here I am. Selling my products.”

We caught up with Kafui who gave us some of her tips for looking after your skin this summer.

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