Donna Ncube describes herself as creative, which is inclusive of her being an actress, musician, radio and TV host as well as a journalist. She is 20-something years old, a daughter, sister, aunt and friend but above all a strong believer in God.

Donna says she believes her career path was inevitable.

“I would like to believe that I was born for this because when I reflect on me as a young girl all I see are mind images of me being on stage and on screen. So I can safely say that my career was planted on me from birth.”

Growing up, Donna says she wanted to be a well renowned performer.

“I think I am getting there,” she says.

She has three singles out so far, and her genre is Afro-fusion, a mix of Afro-pop, soul and jazz.

She was recently nominated for a National Art Merit Award for her role in Insuku Zokucina, a television production, which tells the story of a young prosperity prophet entangled in a web of secrecy, scandals and conspiracies around his faith and personal life.

Donna perfoms at the premiere of Tellers- a musical.
Donna perfoms at the premiere of Tellers- a musical.

Donna is now a familiar face for most people, her on screen work, radio and Television work is earning her followers across the country. It is not unusual to see her promos advertising her radio show on Skyz Metro FM ‘The Hangout’ across social media.

The many stereotypes against female entertainers is a concern that she has for herself and other young women in the entertainment industry.

“They are still strong and rampant which causes most female entertainers to lag behind in the industry,” she says.

Donna says these stereotypes do not only come from random people but even from close relatives and  friends, arguing that there is need for the African societies to embrace women in the arts. She says being in the sector does not make one a person of loose morals. Furthermore, there is a lack of promoters that are willing to promote and invest in female talent but she believes they will get there soon.

Donna Ncube
Donna Ncube

Donna grew up in a single parent home, which saw her mother playing both roles of being a mother and father, roles she believes her mother executed amazingly. Donna says her mother was and still is the backbone of the family. She was raised with strong Christian values, and intends to raise her own children on the same values.

Donna says she cannot be without her Bible, phone and money.

Asked about her plans for 2017, she had this to say, “2017 is me growing the DONNA N. brand, doing what I love and being able to impact different people, even beyond 2017. I would love to share the details but I would just simply invite you to climb on board and see for yourself.”