Thinking about buying a Christmas tree or going into the woods to cut trees? Think again, you might want to do things a bit different this year by using plastic bottles. School children in Mozambique built a Christmas tree using 7, 000 plastic bottles.

Innovation that comes with solutions to societal problems such as pollution is always appreciated. Schools in Maputo built a Christmas tree using about 7, 000 plastic bottles. Not only did they re-define the word ‘Merry’ but also sensitised people around the world on the importance of recycling waste.

If you happen to pass through Maputo particularly at the roundabout opposite Museum of Natural History for Maputo you will be welcomed by a beautiful plastic bottle Christmas tree, something unlike what you are used to.

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The ecological Christmas tree is an initiative by the Mozambican Recycling Association (AMOR). For a country where recycling is uncommon, environmental clubs in schools such as Maxaquene Comprehensive Primary School in Maputo are leading the way and giving hope to a pollution free generation.

The seven metre astounding beauty gives new meaning to celebrating Christmas through making a difference in the community.

Quoted in the club of Mozambique, Inacio Joaquim, a teacher who teaches classes from nine to 13 years old explained that now pupils have grasped what recycling waste is.

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“In the beginning, the students saw only garbage, but with time and the construction of pieces such as toys and carpets, they began to understand what recycling is,” he said.

This initiative has seen the progression of something big in the country. The Maputo Education Department also says the initiative is now a regular part of the annual calendar where there are recycling activities. With this kind of education from a young age, Mozambique could be raising the most innovative young people.