Background to the song

If you listen to the song, ‘Nobody’s Business’, by Skales, you will hear the musician proclaim that he is feeling quite blessed despite the string of negative press he has received lately. The musician from Kaduna State, Nigeria, was the subject of a recent dispute with his record label which reportedly led to his arrest by the police.

But that is only a part of Skales’ problems. He has been a victim of relentless cyber bullying, with trolls comparing his career trajectory with that of former Empire Mates Entertainment record label mate, Wizkid. The list of subjects over which he is harassed online is endless. But Skales appears to be undaunted by the negativity, if the ‘Nobody’s Business’ video is any indication.

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Banky W. Photo: mk ibrahim/Flickr
Banky W. Photo: mk ibrahim/Flickr

Skales wants us off his case

The video, directed by Paul Gambit, shows negative headlines about Skales and his collaborator, Banky W, the Empire Mates Entertainment boss, while Skales sings: “Everybody don the gbadu my realness/Thank God say I find fulfilment/How am living is nobody’s business” followed by a repetition of “no, no, no…”, should anyone want to debate the assertion.

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Though he feels blessed, not to mention fulfilled (who wouldn’t, having a song with such a catchy tune), Skales really wants his detractors to get off his back because, rightly, how he lives is nobody’s business.

Skales was born Raoul John Njeng-Njeng on 1 April 1991 and was raised by a single mother. In 2008, he won the Zain Tru Search competition for the northern region and afterwards released his debut single, ‘Must Shine’. Skales (an acronym for Seek Knowledge Acquire Large Entrepreneurial Skills) relocated to Lagos in 2009 where he signed with Empire Mates Entertainment before leaving at the expiration of his contract. He has released a number of hit songs including ‘Shake Body’. His latest effort, ‘Nobody’s Business’, is set to be another hit.

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