Nakhane Touré is a mutlimedia artist, award-winning singer, songwriter and guitarist. His hauntingly dark vocals and stirring, evocative lyrics on his debut album, Brave Confusion, earned him four SAMA nominations of which he won the Best Alternative Album award. It’s safe to say, he’s an accomplished musician.

As if all this wasn’t enough, he somehow managed to get a novel published. In six to seven years of his life, while crafting what was to be his career in music, he clamoured away at a manuscript that eventually became what we now know as Piggy Boy’s Blues.  Having made his name in a completely different medium, he acknowledged that producing works of art in the forms had both parallels and differences.

Piggy Boys Blues

“As much as they are two different mediums, they do have quite a lot in common. But the process of writing prose for me is different to music in that I need complete silence in order for me to concentrate. Whereas when I write a song I can work in most environments. So that was the major difference,” he told Between 10 and 5.

Yet, even after it had been accepted for publication, his manuscript needed a complete overhaul.

“Having spent about 6-7 years working on this book, there were things I had overlooked to the point that I actually decided to completely rework the novel. I took a month off, switched my phone off and basically re-wrote the novel. I even changed the title from ‘To Whom Shall We Go?’ to ‘Piggy Boy’s Blues,” he said.

Piggy Boy’s Blues is described as a portrait of a royal Xhosa family in the Eastern Cape past its prime and glory, and the tragic events catalysed by Davide, a young family member who returns to the town of his birth.

Touré will be discussing his novel at the Piggy Boy’s Blues session on 11 September. He will also be participating in the Dibookeng Presents Speed Booking and will talk sexual hierarchies in Black-led social movements during the RMF Assembly at the festival.

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Nakhane Touré will join Okey Ndibe, Saskia Goldschmidt and Yvonne Owuor at the Meet & Read on 11 September. Proudly presented by This Is Africa and #cocreateSA.

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