Mandela Day is an international day adopted by the United Nations in 2009, in which people who seek to follow the South African icon’s footsteps devote contribute 67 minutes on the day to helping others.

Nelson Mandela Square is known for hosting the iconic statue of the man who led South Africa to become a peaceful nation.

Standing six meters tall and weighing 2.5 tons, the bronzed statue of Madiba wearing his signature shirt and dancing to the “Madiba jive” was sculpted by Kobus Hattingh and Jacob Maponyane. It was unveiled on March 31, 2004 as a tribute to the spirit of joy and celebration of the people of South Africa.


Tata Mandela’s administration is well-known for dismantling the legacy of apartheid through dealing with institutionalised racism, poverty and inequality which were rampant in the country. He was celebrated for choosing not to seek revenge but fostering reconciliation instead.  He is indeed a true African nationalist and democratic socialist who made and still makes history during and even after his death.