One Day I Too Go Fly is a coming-of-age documentary that follows four African youths from different countries and socio-economic backgrounds as they pursue knowledge at America’s premier technological university – the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Over four years from arrival at MIT, through visits back to their home countries, to graduation from college, the film follows their adventures as their ambitions evolve. Their dreams are anchored in the Tanzania, Rwanda, Nigeria and Zimbabwe they have left, but their daily realities are defined by America – by the immediate challenges in their MIT classrooms, as well as the larger social issues confronting the world outside of those classrooms. Each is forced to refine their ideas about the world and about themselves. Each must decide how much of Africa to hold on to and how much of America to absorb.

The film explores diverse aspects of the students’ lives during their journey. According to a synopsis posted on Kickstarter the documentary raises various questions: “What happens to them over four years as they are molded into first-class engineers at America’s top technological university? How do their relationships with their home countries evolve? What becomes of their dreams to make an impact on the world?

“As they are pushed by MIT to explore beyond the limits they defined for themselves, we discover with them who they become as a result of the experience. While their experiences are intimate and personal, ultimately these young people are crucial components of their countries’ intellectual capital, and their journeys in America will affect their homes”.

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