Prophet Penuel Mnguni (24), the leader of End Times Disciples Ministries church is under attack once again after his church’s Facebook page posted pictures of his latest “miracle demonstrations”.

One of the latest posts on the End Times Disciples Ministries’ Facebook page shows pictures of the pastor holding a snake which he allegedly declared to turn into a bar of chocolate, which he later gave to his congregation to eat, telling them that he had the authority to change everything into anything and that even the snack must obey to his command because of his authority. The congregants could be seen on some of the pictures feasting on the serpent which they said tasted like a chocolate chomp. He further helped some of the congregants, a man and a woman, to open their mouths in anticipation of the snake.

Before turning the snake into a chocolate the 24 yr old prophet also took a rock and commanded it to turn into bread. The young pastor’s unconventional miracles have left various people on the social networks  shocked whilst others aired their utter disgust on what the “Prophet” is doing to the people and to the name of God.

Snake pastor
Pastor Penuel holding the day’s slithery communion. Photo: End Times Disciples Ministries/Facebook

Some of the Facebook posts showed that a number of people still did not believe that the demonstrations were from God for instance a post by one Thomson Immortality Guzha read “My biggest question is, where did this man of God get all these snakes? Where in the scriptures have ever seen Jesus doing this nonsense. When people were hungry Jesus multiplied bread, not this thing of snake choping. This is not CHOCOLATES, these aSee More”  

This questionable man of the cloth reportedly groomed by another debatable minister, Prophet Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Ministries, who made headlines a few years ago for making his congregation eat grass, is not new to controversy. He has made his fair share of questionable headlines for his ambiguous miracle demonstrations which are recorded on the church’s Facebook Page.

Listed below are some of the “miracle demonstrations” he performed, listed under the hashtag ‪#‎Demonstration.

Earlier this year this year the  controversial Pastor was embroiled in a similar controversy where he made his congregants strip before walking on top of them and also jumped on a female congregant while the rest of the church continued to sing and dance.

Source: The Citizen