In her second authored book and first work of fiction, Dutch writer Saskia Goldschmidt, tells a tale fused with elements of the holocaust, family and the greed behind the business of pharmaceuticals in De hormoonfabriek. Told through a retrospective by the narrator, a nonagenarian ex-conman and libertine, the book tells the story of two brothers and a scientist who establish a pharmaceutical factory in the years leading up to the World War II.


The book was translated into several languages including English (The Hormone Factory), Afrikaans (Die hormoonfabriek) and German (Die Glücksfabrik).

For more than thirty years, Ms Goldschmidt has worked in the theatre industry as a producer and trainer. Her first book, Obliged To be Happy, is an autobiographical account of her search for her family history and how this affected her childhood.

Saskia Goldschmidt is a participating writing at Open Book Festival 2015 and will be discussing her novel, The Hormone Factory, sexual politics in the session Sexual Politics, and the translation in process in Meet Your Translator at the festival.

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She has just finished her new book: De voddenkoningin (The Rag Queen), which will be published in August 2015. It is a story about a woman, living in the roaring sixties and the wild seventies. It is about second hand clothing that changes into vintage, rag-and-bone-men who become traders and hippies transform into businessmen.

Saskia Goldschmidt will join Okey Ndibe, Yvonne Owuor and Nakhane Touré at the Meet & Read on 11 September. Proudly presented by This Is Africa and #cocreateSA.

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