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Art X Lagos

The Consistent Vanity of Art X Lagos

Art X Lagos is one of West Africa’s premier art fairs, exposing a wide range of people to original artworks. But despite its accomplishments, the fair has one fatal flaw: the very Nigerian tendency to prioritise the VIP guests, to the frustration of ‘regular’ attendees, writes Alithnayn Abdulkareem


Changing waste into beautiful furniture

Olamide Babajide, a computer science graduate is tackling not only the problem of waste management in Nigeria but also creating employment. When one decides to be innovative and see the benefits of recycling trash then big ideas can be born, Babajide makes amazing furniture out of used car tyres and several other pieces of trash. Meet Babajide.

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Nigeria: Babajide Olatunji’s Photorealistic Art

Babajide Olatunji (27) is a Nigerian visual artist and autodidact who works from Ile Ife and born in Okitipupa. At a glance you would think his art is in fact photography. Olatunji spent many years of self-directed study researching art historical movements and modes of production. Speaking to This Is Africa, Olatunji said his art has always been a part of his life. His earliest influence was watching his elder brother create cartoon characters and smileys. Visualization and creating sketches were to him, the best ways he could understand the world around him.