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StoryTime’s Ivor Hartmann: Carrying the flag for independent (donor-free) African publishers

If someone talks about African genre-publishing and writing and omits Ivor Hartmann, ask them to do their homework and return. Ivor’s StoryTime has always had an eye for genre-fiction, even when he does not necessarily sideline literary fiction. Learn about the growth of the company from the time they published the StoryTime online magazine to publishing sci-fi novellas

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Made in Africa: seven publishers changing the African fiction publishing scene

In a recent New York Times article, Nigerian writer Tricia Nwaubani argued that Western publishers still determine the type of African story to be published and this is often for Western eyes. This is Africa’s Bwesigye bwa Mwesigire looks at the other side of the coin through the Made in Africa II series, where he talks to seven publishers at the centre of the growth of new African Literature made on and for the continent