The victims – a woman in her 80s and her 45-year old daughter – were killed in the village of Ihugi in Tanzania’s northern Shinyanga province late on Tuesday.

Three men slit their throats and then chopped up their bodies, local police chief Justus Kamugisha said, adding that their neighbour was suspected of carrying out the attack after he believed they had made him unable to have sex.

A 40-year-old man, who also accused the women of poisoning his mother last year, has been arrested.

“The victims were attacked as they were about to take their evening meal,” Kamugisha said.

The attack follows the killing last week of seven people in a separate attack in western Tanzania, burned alive in their huts, who were also accused of witchcraft.

Past attacks have included a series of bloody assaults against albinos, as well as against young children.

In Tanzania, albinos are killed and dismembered because of a widespread belief that charms made from their body parts bring good fortune and prosperity.

Source: The Citizen