Dr Mugo Wairimu, a Kenyan gynaecologist, is in quite a heap of trouble.

Video footage has been released of a man, believed to be him, mounting what appears to be a naked woman on an examination table in his consulting rooms. The video, taken by a camera discreetly placed by a staff member, has been coupled with testimony from an unidentified woman who consulted with the doctor to present a disturbing picture of gross legal and ethical violations. The staff member who placed the camera did so when rumours began circulating and patients began to complain about Wairimu.

Despite the furore, Wairimu has yet to agree to interviews by Kenya’s The Citizen. He did, however release a barrage of tweets claiming the accusations are part of political conspiracies against him.

Dr Mugo Tweet1

Dr Mugo Tweet

Check out the video insert from The Citizen:


Meanwhile, police are reportedly on a manhunt for Dr Wairimu. The public too is on the look out for him with some, according to Capital FM, threatening to burn down clinics.

Prestige Healthcare, the alleged location of the incidents, is located in Nairobi’s Githurai 44 and Zimmerman Estates. The practice is known to offer reproductive health services to hundreds of women in and around the area. Sometimes, these services are offered for free as advertised by fliers.