The medical director, Rev. Brother George Castro Yankey, allegedly demanded sex before signing a female nurse’s promotion letter. He refused to approve the promotion until the nurse fulfilled his request. According to Modern Ghana, the nurse then broached the barrage of sexual harassment to her husband.

The couple then agreed that she should pretend she has agreed to the request of the director and that she should invite him to her house.

Yankey reportedly drove to the matrimonial home of the nurse, assuming the husband was absent. It was only when he had stripped down to his undergarments that the nurse’s husband appeared

In the video, Rev. Yankey can be seen begging for discretion and mercy. While he pleads, the husband can be heard speaking to the hospital accountant who coincidentally phoned Yankey during the whole debacle.

It’s time these corrupt faith leaders are named and shamed for trying to take advantage of those who place their trust in them!

Watch the video below