Armed with a commanding flow and incisive lyrical content, Phlow is a relic of a golden era in hip hop that real heads yearn for. But what more can you expect from a dame who cites the likes of Run-D.M.C and Nas as some of her creative influences?

From penning her first rhymes back in her teens, this lyricist has come a long way. She ascended into renown while studying for a computer science degree where she was part of the outfit, Jinus. From that group came a couple of demos and collaborations with other aspiring emcees. After completing her degree, she worked full time until meeting Teck-Zilla, a Canada-based producer.

Phlow lets her words take the lead. Photo: Diamond Media 360
Phlow lets her words take the lead. Photo: Diamond Media 360

Alternating between full colour and monochrome against a black background, the refreshing video to Reputation is devoid of all the superfluous elements so common in music videos these days. One thing’s for sure, Phlow is building a reputation to be reckoned with.

The track is the fruit of a fusion of true minds: Phlow, Teck-Zilla, and video director Rcube.

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