WATCH: Rumble in the Jungle, anniversary of arguably the greatest bout

By This Is Africa on October 30, 2017 — On this day in 1974 , "arguably the greatest sporting event of the 20th century" took place in Kinshasa, then Zaire (Democratic Republic of the Congo). The spectacle brought to Africa the world's two greatest pugilists and immortalised the legend of Muhammad Ali.  On the day Muhammad Ali knocked out George Foreman to regain his world heavyweight title.

“The Rumble in the Jungle”: Undoubtedly one of Muhammad Ali’s greatest fights. The bout took place in Kinshasa on October 30, 1974, Ali fought George Foreman for the world heavyweight title. Photo: ANP

At 32 years old, Muhammad Ali was seven years George Foreman, the heavyweight champion’s senior, and many believed that victory would be impossible against his formidable opponent.

But Ali, had history on his mind. $5 million, the biggest purse ever in boxing at the time. His first trip to Africa, which would host what many boxing enthusiasts still say is the greatest bout in the history of the sport.

It seemed that he knew something that other people didn’t know, as if he’d had a glimpse into a veiled future. In interviews before the match, he was nothing if not arrogantly confident about the fight’s outcome. But, then again, that has come to be expected of boxers before their fights.

Foreman, heavyweight champion of the world was knocked out in the 8th round by Ali, to the astonishment of bookmakers. Check out the video to relive the event.

Where were you when it went down?