Since the building changed hands from Kenya Railways to City Council of Nairobi, there has been enormous pressure to cut it up into match box-size stalls and distribute them among the traders teeming around it.

Of course, only a few would benefit, making the competition ever more fierce. People often go there demanding their portion of the building. They say they have already paid goodwill money at City Hall. Together with the Dallas Boxing Club, Madison Square Garden in Nakuru, the oldest boxing club in Kenya, accounted for a good number of famous names that comprised the Hit Squad, Kenya’s once great national boxing team.

Dallas Boys Boxing club members

Jackie Lebo and Roy Gachuhi, the director and producer of the film, describe the documentary:

‘The Last Fight’ is story of hope over despair. It uses the sport of boxing to tell the stories of the unheard, the underclass who populate the teeming slums of our cities and towns. It depicts the hard lives of five boxers, three from Nakuru and two from Nairobi. There is a running theme of social exclusion where people become poor because some of the institutions that once provided gainful employment to their parents such as the Railways, have been privatized to the benefit of the few and to the disadvantage of the many. But it is a story of never-say-die to the end.

The documentary film will be showing on KTN, Saturday June 13th at 21h00 as a special news feature – a first for an independent production. Join the #TheLastFight conversation, find updates at the Content House Kenya Facebook page and @contenthouseke on Twitter.

Watch the trailer below: