ERRATUM: In a previous post, we erroneously reported this event as having happened in Kenya. It reportedly happened in Uganda. We apologise for this oversight.

Panic ensued at Kidodo Village when police officers at Kasese Central Police Station were faced with a live Sand Boa snake, reports the Daily Monitor.

The serpent had been hurled at the officers by four suspected witchdoctors accused of conning a student of Shs800,000 (US$7,800). According to the report, two of the suspects managed to flee, while the other two remained with the police officers who fearfully attempted to negotiate with the suspects.

“We managed to convince the remaining suspects to catch their snake with the promise of not getting arrested. After the snake was placed in a bag, we arrested the suspects and took them to the police station together with the snake,” said Mr Richard Ssuna, the officer in charge of criminal investigations department, “Police have managed to recover Shs500,000 from the suspects and paid it back to the victim”.

Mr Ssuna added the suspects have been charged with being in possession of a protected wildlife species, under the UWA Act.