Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o has called out Grazia magazine for retouching her hair on the cover of their November edition.

In the cover, Lupita appears with her hair cut really low. However, according to the images Lupita shares on her Instagram, her hair was styled in a loose afro ponytail.

Expressing her disappointment, Lupita wrote: “As I have made clear so often in the past with every fiber of my being, I embrace my natural heritage and despite having grown up thinking light skin and straight, silky hair were the standards of beauty, I now know that my dark skin and kinky, coily hair are beautiful too.”

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She further explains that had the Magazine consulted her she would have explained her decision to not condone the “omission of what is my native heritage with the intention that they appreciate that there is still a very long way to go to combat the unconscious prejudice against black women’s complexion, hair style and texture. #dtmh”.

Lupita is a proponent of diversity, and she has always been outspoken when it comes to expanding the platform on which African voices and the voices of marginalised people in Hollywood can be heard.

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The move by Grazie has reignited the conversations questioning the Western standards of beauty as they relate to how Black women are treated when it comes presenting themselves, especially in popular culture.

This is not the first time the Oscar winner’s images have been edited. In 2014, Vanity Fair for February was blasted by Lupita’s fans for lightening her skin.

Grazie is yet to respond to the controversy.