Makerere University authorities have received bashing and praise in almost equal measure over the new policies by commentators, especially on social media. While those who oppose the policies view it as an infringement on the rights of the students; the supporters gave thumbs up to the university for seeking to foster a morally upright community.

Prof. John Ddumba Ssentamu, the Vice chancellor of the institution, has said there’s no going back on the policies as the University intends to restore sanity on its campus so that good leaders can be raised. Students who fail to adhere to the rules will cease to be students of the institution, he said.

“How do you expect me to revise policies on alcohol? Are we teaching drunkards or future leaders? What we need is to have students who will turn out to be important people in the country,” Prof Ddumba said.

On his part, Davidson Ndyabahika, the guild information minister urged students to accept the new policy and be cautious as CCTV cameras have been mounted across the school. He however criticised the university authorities for not engaging with the students in intellectual arguments over the matter.

“Makerere University used to be referred to as the Harvard of Africa because of the intellectual dialogues on different issues. These would empower students to appreciate the fact that they are at University and therefore, they would keep their integrity clean,” he said.

Most students meanwhile vehemently oppose the new policies, and warn that the university will suffer another massive protest once the council begins to implement the new rules.

Source: Daily Monitor