The American pop-star Madonna successfully adopted twin girls in Malawi, the second time that the diva has adopted Malawian children. The American pop-diva who started a charity called Raising Malawi in Malawi, has previously adopted two Malawian children David Banda and Mercy James.

The singer, who had previously denied she was visiting the country with a view to adopt more children, was given permission by the Malawian High Court early this week to adopt the four years old twins Stella and Esther from Mchinji orphanage located in the Central Region of Malawi.

“I can officially confirm I have completed the process of adopting twin sisters from Malawi and am overjoyed that they are now part of our family. I am deeply grateful to all those in Malawi who helped make this possible, and I ask the media please to respect our privacy during this transitional time. ?? Thank you also to my friends, family and my very large team for all your support and Love!” Madonna wrote on Instagram after she won the adoption right.

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The orphanage, which is the home for close to 1000 orphans is where the American pop star also adopted David in 2006 and Mercy in 2009. The two adoptions drew legal tussles among the Malawian government and civil rights groups, but eventually Madonna managed to adopt the orphans.

Madonna shares a moment with a little girl in Malawi Photo: RaisingMalawi/Instagram

According to the organization, the Home of Hope Orphanage is a privately run orphanage in Malawi by Malawians, it was founded by Reverend Chipeta who was once an orphan himself, and now with the help of his daughter and many volunteers cares for close to 1000 orphan children, providing the children with food, shelter and quality education in a loving environment.

Criticism and controversy over adoption

The relationship between Malawians and Madonna has never been rosy, especially during the time of former Malawian president Joyce Banda. However, her successor Peter Mutharika seemed to be lenient, and bend over backwards to allow Madonna’s demands to adopt, which many citizens criticized.

During the court hearing, which Madonna and the twin girls’ biological father attended, the court ruled in her favor, in a ruling many people criticized, accusing the government of giving the singer a special treatment.  Many have questioned why the singer  is exempted from laws that prevent non-residents from adopting children to take them abroad.

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During the controversial legal procedures for David and Mercy’s adoption, former president Banda issued a warning statement condemning the manner in which Madonna handled the adoption, accusing the pop-diva of exploiting her aid work to achieve her adoption demands.

However, after Banda was ousted in 2014 elections, the new president Mutharika swiftly moved to repair relations with the diva, saying “my government has always been grateful for the passion Madonna has for this country”. A statement which was criticized by many citizens and civil right groups.

Titus Mvalo,  Madonna’s lawyer in Malawi, told Reuters: “Madonna has demonstrated over the years that she has passion for Malawi and her children, and therefore the court was satisfied and could not stop the adoption of the twins”.