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Towards a Felabration of the Future

In 1998, Felabration—an annual musical festival commemorating the life of the late Fela Kuti—was inaugurated by Yeni Kuti, Fela’s eldest daughter. In October 2017, its twentieth iteration was celebrated. Fawning aside, what other valuable gems can be mined from Fela’s life and preoccupations? And what might these gems imply for the future of Felabration?

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Repeat appearances by Kenya’s Sauti Sol and Nigeria’s Chidinma – Talent deficit or failure to diversify?

Multi-award winning group from Kenya, Sauti Sol, best known for their hits “Kuliko Jana”, “Sura Yako” and “Unconditionally Bae” return to Coke Studio Africa – 2017, for the third time this year paired alongside Nigerian songstress Chidinma who is making a return to the show for the fourth time. We ask, is it not time to explore the continental music scene in totality and use the platform to launch talented underground artists into the commercial sphere?