Namibia celebrates its independence, attained on this day in 1990. We commemorate the 27th anniversary of the independence of Namibia from colonial rule, and foreign occupation.

Namibia’s Independence Day is a public holiday, which is celebrated every year. The day honours the country’s fallen heroes, and heroines, its gallant son and daughters who fought for the independence of their country from colonial rule, and foreign domination.

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The armed struggle for the country’s independence started in the mid 1960s. The struggle was led by South West Africa People’s Organisation’s (SWAPO), whose military wing, the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) began guerrilla attacks on South African forces.

Many freedom fighters were killed during the liberation war. Many were executed, jailed, tortured or maimed and thousands were detained in appalling conditions in the fight against colonialism, and struggle for independence.

Today, we honour all those who sacrificed their lives during the struggle against colonialism and foreign domination.

Happy Independence Day to our Namibian brothers and sisters.

May peace prevail in Namibia.