The man – a soldier – is however not resident in Nigeria, but part of the United Nations’ peace mission in Liberia, the country which has been worst hit.

At the request of the World Health Organisation, the soldier is going to be flown to the Netherlands. A Dutch Health Ministry spokeswoman who confirmed this, said that the soldier will go into isolation at a “calamity unit” at the University Medical Center Utrecht.

The UN Mission disclosed that so far, 16 people who had contact with the soldier have been identified and quarantined, and areas where he visited have been decontaminated.

The soldier is the third UN Mission personnel to be infected so far, and according to Karin Landgren, a top UN envoy in Liberia, the previous two did not survive the disease.

The man will be the first Ebola patient hospitalized in the Netherlands.

Ebola has so far killed over 6,100 people and sickened nearly 17,300.

Source: ABC News