A Nigerian comics startup is making a mark on Africa’s nascent comic book industry. Comic Republic, says it believes “in the power of story telling,” and the startup is creating African superheroes for Africans and black readers around the world, Quartz Africa reports.

There is certainly a growing interest in African comics. While different players in the arts and entertainment industries across the continent have made major inroads in their respective trades, it appears the comics industry was lagging behind.

Avonome Photo: Comic Republic

Avonome Photo: Comic Republic

Comic Republic has joined other comics on the continent whose intention is to produce made-in-Africa content and products that “that resonate beyond the continent”.

Comic Republic has created nine characters which include, their flagship character Guardian Prime, Commander Jade .N. Waziri, Avonome, Ireti and Aje amongst others. The issues explored in the comics range from warfare to super heroes creating a balance between good and evil in various situations. The comics infuse the rich tradition of African storytelling, creating truly gripping comics.

The comics can be read and downloaded from Comic Republic’s website.

The startup believes it’s well positioned to develop the comic book industry on the continent. Commenting on Twitter, Comic Republic says, “We will continue to put Africa’s best foot forward in comics and entertainment in general”.

Source: Quartz Africa