53 delegates are to meet to discuss issues pertaining to the reduction and security of nuclear supplies, and keeping them from terrorists’ hands, the Guardian Liberty Voice reported.

The G7 is also to attend the two-day summit which is believed to be the scene for the G7’s discussion of Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Russia’s president Vladimir Putin will not be attending but is dispatching his Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov with John Kerry, US Secretary of State.

US President Barack Obama initiated the series of summit meetings in 2009 to reduce the risk of terrorist attacks with nuclear weapons. Obama stated that this is one of his imperative international policy goals for his presidency.

The Netherlands, the host of the summit, is creating a package of best practices that combines all existing nuclear arms treaties, voluntary military guidelines, agreements, and industry and civilian use programs. The single package is said to define more clearly international nuclear security. The hosts of the two preceding and the one current summit will be the first nations to vow to adhere to the package.

Source: The Guardian Liberty Voice