Victoria Yillah was discharged from hospital in the eastern city of Kenema on Sunday after swaying for weeks between life and death fighting the tropical disease, which has claimed more than 200 souls since an outbreak in neighbouring Guinea in March.

“I am thankful to God to have survived the ordeal. I can hardly say more, I am overjoyed,” she told the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation.

Health officials in Kenema, 320km from the west African nation’s capital, Freetown, say no other Sierra Leone national had been cleared before Yillah’s recovery, although three more unnamed survivors have since been announced.

Crowds gathered outside the broadcaster’s headquarters in Kenema as Yillah was interviewed, with well-wishers labelling her the “miracle woman of the year”.

A doctor at the hospital who asked not to be named said her survival can be credited to a strong immune system and excellent medical care.

Source: NEWS24