If you have not yet picked out the outfit that you will wear to the Black Panther movie, you need to get to it fast. After all, this is the first superhero movie with a black lead, the soundtrack features the musical genius of Kendrick Lamar and the creativity of SZA, and Ryan Coogler is the first ever black director of a Marvel movie. Which is why every melanated person has been waiting for its release. Social media has even made a set of rules for viewing the film.

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If this is news to you, here are the rules:

1. Buy your own ticket – better yet, make it two. This movie should not fall in your “I’ll pirate it when a clear copy comes out” pile.

2. Dress the part! We are talking full-on African regalia, because royalty is upon us. Wakanda is here!

3. If you are the type of person who sneaks in snacks, then keep it local. Bring as much pap, egusi and saffron rice as you like. If you’re not, we know the concession stands will not have what you need, so play it safe and carry your own – just this once.

4. If, for whatever reason, you dislike the movie, keep it to yourself. Bashing of this film will get your black card revoked. We are not saying you should act like you liked it; we are saying if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

5. Sit back and enjoy positive representation in what is arguably Hollywood’s blackest movie of all time.

Look at the offering that was the purple carpet!

Angela Bassett looked stunning in a bright yellow Naeem Khan jumpsuit at the Black Panther premier credit facebook pictures
Donald Glover had the most unique suit at the Black Panther premiere. Who’d have thought an orange suit could look this good? credit Facebook Pictures
Daniel Kaluuya wore velvet tailoring colour coordinated perfectly with his Kanzu’s embroidery, Kaluuya’s take on the Black Panther Premier theme credit Facebook Pictures
Lupita Nyongo Nyong’o matched the carpet in a regal custom Versace dress at the Black Panther premier credit Facebook pictures
Michael-B.-Jordan-left-and-writer-and-director-Ryan-Coogler took simple but dapper to the next level at the Black Panther Premier credit Facebook pictures

Raising expectations even further, the reviews so far are all raving about how the movie matches up to the hype:

Raise your hand if you cannot wait to watch this movie!