Described by Nyasa Times in Malawi as a celebrity preacher, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri popularly known in his church as Major One has once again hogged the limelight.

The preacher who is the founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG), a church based in South Africa with a congregation of more than 300,000 reportedly offered to act as a guarantor for the church members who wish to purchase a car.

Prophet Bushiri whose mass following extends to Facebook with more than 1.6 million followers revealed he would act as a guarantor to all his church members who want to own a vehicle. This offer was announced on Sunday. The prophet said he’d contacted the Chief Executive Officers of some vehicle companies about the deal.

The congregation, which has a membership of up to 300,000 is ecstatic about the deal. The prophet is said to have already paid half of the money for 3,000 cars. The first 3,000 cars will be brought to Pretoria Showground.

“Our evening services, especially on Friday and Mondays, ends very late. Sometimes they go until two or three in the morning. This presents a challenge for our members and we want to resolve it,” Bushiri said explained his reason for making the deal.

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The prophet said registered church members could walk into any garage and buy a vehicle at a very low price. Bushiri said, “I will only be topping up and also act as a guarantor. The church has already paid half the price. Church members will be repaying very little per month.”

Prophet Bushiri is known for his fleet of expensive cars and private jets.

Miracle tent during salvation festival Sunday service. This is one of Prophet Bushiri’s many crowd. Photo: Facebook/ Prophet Bushiri

Bushiri recently made a shocking revelation on Mpumalanga FM about anointed pregnancy tests. The prophet said, “Instead of prophesying about the man who made them pregnant they can just use my accurate anointed pregnancy test. I speak the Word to those pregnancy tests. The power of God will get in, they use my tests and God does something.”

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Prophet Bushiri also warned about the terrors of invisible men known as “spiritual husbands” that invade people’s houses, sleeping with both men and women. These “spiritual husbands”, reportedly rape, and they cause horror and agony and they are also responsible for supernatural pregnancies.