Rwanda’s government has been accused of “unacceptable acts of harassment and intimidation” after a hostile pro-government Twitter account – @RichardGoldston – was traced back to the office of President Paul Kagame’s office.

Sonia Rolley, a Radio France Internationale journalist who reported on the deaths of Rwandan dissidents, was bullied for months on Twitter by the user of the hostile account.

During one of the bitter exchanges, Steve Terrill – the US journalist who exposed the scandal – intervened, demanding @RichardGoldston to cease the misogynistic harassment of Rolley. The response came from President Kagame’s official 290,000-follower-strong Twitter account and not from @RichardGoldston.

This was seized as evidence of the user being in Kagame’s office and/or having his blessing. The furore grew until the Presidency was forced to admit in a tweet “@RichardGoldston was an unauthorised account run by an employee in the presidency. It has been deleted and the staff member reprimanded.”

Source: Times Liveibyo_steven_yandikiye_richardgoldston-e514b