Critics have criticised the product saying it teaches young, black girls to be ashamed of their skin. Advertisements of Whitenicious carry the slogan “Say goodbye to pigmentation and spots forever!”.

When asked whether she thought the message behind the product was that being white looked better than being black, she boldly responded “I was not selling that message. The media are selling that message…I said ‘seven day fast-acting spot remover. If they think their whole body is a dark spot then fine, but it’s not how I feel.”

Skin bleaching is a growing trend in Dencia’s native West Africa and the singer has been criticised for using her own changing skin tone as an marketing tool. Older pictures of Dencia show her many shades darker than how she currently appears.

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She also attempted to justify Whitenicious by stating that 50% of her customers are African-Americans – not Africans. She also added that “I have girls calling me up and crying, thanking me for Whitenicious”.

Source: Daily Mail