Vicki Momberg a South African real estate agent has been handed two years imprisonment for her racist rant after the court found her guilty in four counts of crimen injuria.

In 2016, a video emerged of Momberg spewing insults and racial slurs at black police officers who were attempting to assist her at the scene of a smash-and-grab crime in Northriding.

In the video, Momberg a victim of the smash-and-grab crime directed her anger and vitriol at the police officers, using racial epithets and accusing the officers of incompetence.

In the video Momberg was captured screaming: “One k***** is bad enough. This happens all the time, all the time. The k*****s here in Johannnesburg are terrible, I’m so sick of it”.

“The calibre of blacks in this town vary from the calibre of blacks in Durban. They’re opinionated, they’re arrogant, and they’re just plain and simple useless. I am happy for a white person to assist me or a coloured person or an Indian person. I do not want a black person to assist me”.

The police officers tried helping Momberg despite her insults, but she refused saying, “This is the type of police force we have got. We got a low calibre people working. If I see a black person, I will drive them over. If I have a gun, I will shoot everyone”.

In her judgment, Magistrate Pravina Raghoonandan reportedly told the court that Momberg had not shown remorse or taken responsibility for her actions.

The case which caused public outrage in a country where racism is endemic has made headlines and the judgement has been welcomed on social media, seen as a deterrent considering racism cases have become all too common.