The man behind the scandal is South African venture capitalist and self-help author Julian Pencilliah, whose publicity stunts include paying thousands of dollars for the Kardashians to promote a Rio Carnival sweepstake on Twitter, driving his Lamborghini into the sea and launching a $200-million (about R2.1-billion) technology fund in California, Times Live reported.

Unauthorised debits potentially running into millions of rands a month continue to be withdrawn from bank accounts , with many consumers not even aware of the multiple R85 (US$8,50) deductions.

His firm sold a product called Educorp, debiting consumers under the name LLC Collect or LEA Collect for an educational product that offers pupils online and call-centre assistance for maths and English.

The company closed its call centre and stopped selling the product in 2012, but subscriptions sold will continue to 2017.

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