The Holy Book talks of prophets of doom, but it was never in relation to their paraphernalia as prophets. In South Africa, the term ‘Prophet of Doom’ has taken a whole new meaning thanks to prophet, Lethebo Rabalago.

Prophet Rabalago of the Mount Zion General Assembly in Limpopo sprayed his congregants with Doom Super Multi Insect Killer in late 2016. Prophet Rabalago claimed he had been instructed by God to use the insecticide and that many had been healed by it.

Manufacturers of Doom, Tiger Brands, as well as many South Africans were however shocked by the practice. The prophet said he could cure HIV and Cancer by spraying Doom.

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Eva Molokomme “For 6 months I have been having a headache. I also had painful legs. After the Prophet sprayed doom on me I became healed immediately. God is alive!” Photo: Mountzion General Assembly official Facebook page

In March last year the prophet of Doom was ordered by the Limpopo High Court to stop spraying insecticide on his congregants. The Limpopo Health Department had obtained a court interdict to stop Rabalago from spraying Doom on people.

In a recent turn of events, the Prophet was found guilty on five charges of assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm and contravening the Agricultural Stock Remedies Act.

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The 25 year old once said Doom was just a substance but it was God doing the work of healing. He told Daily Post “Doom belongs to God.”

The majority of Africans are adherents of Christianity or Islam and Pentecostal churches account for a huge following amongst Christians. With many seeking jobs, husbands, or children, desperation pushes many to these churches that promise healing and solutions to their problems.