After finally being freed on Tuesday from the Khartoum jail where she’d borne her daughter, Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman who has captured the world’s imagination with her plight, was re-arrested at the airport. Meriam Ibrahim was trying to leave the country with her family, her husband Daniel Wani and their children Martin and Maya.

Authorities prevented the family from boarding a plane to the US shortly after her release.. Ibrahim’s husband, Daniel Wani, is a US citizen. Her lawyer Elshareef Mohammed, who was with Ibrahim at Khartoum airport at the time, said more than 40 security officers stopped them from boarding.

Agents from the National Intelligence and Security Services (Niss) apprehended the family just 24 hours after Ibrahim was released on the orders of the appeal court. She had been imprisoned for four months on charges of apostasy, and was facing a death sentence.

The recent detention came a few hours after photographs were released by Ibrahim’s lawyers showing the family reunited after her four-month incarceration, during which she gave birth to the couple’s daughter while shackled to the floor of her prison cell. Her 21-month-old son, Martin, was kept in Omdurman prison with her. The photographs showed Ibrahim holding two-week-old Maya, seated next to Wani, who uses a wheelchair due to muscular dystrophy

In the US, state department spokeswoman Marie Harf said the family had been “temporarily detained for several hours over questions related to their documents”. She added: “They have not been arrested. The government has assured us of their safety. The embassy has and will remain highly involved in working with the family and the government.”

Source: Guardian