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‘There is no such thing as a revolution starting and ending in a couple of months’: an interview with Egyptian activist, Yara Sallam

Egyptian human rights advocate, Yara Sallam, stood up to be counted when Egypt’s revolution was in full tilt and paid the price for it: fifteen months in prison. The prison spell did nothing to diminish her resolve and since her release last year, the outspoken activist has shown no signs of backing down from the fight to ensure that the powers that be uphold the human rights of every Egyptian. This Is Africa’s Nancy Onyango caught up with Sallam on the sidelines of the recently concluded Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) forum in Brazil. She opened up about why some North Africans don’t feel “African,” her experience behind bars and why she thinks Egypt’s revolution is far from over.

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Does culture preclude the right to safe sex on the continent?

Culture and tradition have long been used as a means of shutting down debate on Sexual Reproductive and Health Rights on the continent even as the most vulnerable members of our society continue to suffer because of our chronic inability to engage with these matters. The context we live in has made it clear that regional bodies can no longer ignore issues such as abortion, safe sex and violence against sexual minorities as these are issues facing the majority on the continent today