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Not Too Young

Nigerian Senate passes Not Too Young To Run Bill to reduce age limits for elective positions

Yesterday the Not Too Young To Run Bill got a majority vote in the Nigerian Senate. This has led to many online conversations and hope that Nigeria’s future leaders would be its young people. Some are skeptical, saying the politicians will pass on the baton of leadership to their children. What do you think this bill has in store for Nigeria, a country with over 100 million youths?


Ugandan youths resist plot to scrap presidential age limit

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been in power since 1986. The 73 year-old Ugandan president doesn’t see the need to leave the seat of power, and seeks to extend it by any means possible, including a constitutional amendment. The age limit for contesting for president in Uganda is 75, but it seems Museveni wants to be Uganda’s life president. There have been protests from youths in Uganda but Parliamentarians are yet to take a position on this plan.