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Africa to receive $57 billion from World Bank Group

The African Region is set to receive $57 billion from the World Bank Group to finance life-saving and life changing projects over the next three fiscal years. The financing will benefit the most fragile countries in the region. These projects include health, access to water, education, agriculture, among other life-saving and life changing operations.


THINK AGAIN: Why the UN’s failure in Juba will affect aid workers everywhere

On 11 July at around 3pm – just as a new bout of fighting in Juba was beginning to die down – dozens of government soldiers stormed into the Terrain Hotel. The hotel is popular with expatriates and international aid workers. Over the course of the next four hours, occupants of the hotel were gang-raped, robbed and assaulted, with American citizens especially targeted. Why did the peacekeepers choose not to intervene?

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Catalyzing Domestic Resource Mobilization for Africa’s Growth

Financing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and other commitments, including the recent Paris Agreement on Climate Change, will require trillions of dollars in investment, and public financing alone is inadequate. More so for Africa, which already faces financing challenges; achieving sustainable development will require diversified financing, beyond traditional international public finance.

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Reversing illicit Financial Losses for Climate Adaptation in Africa

One of the expected outcomes from the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) is that it will provide a framework for actualizing the 2030 Agenda on sustainable development. However, achieving these noble ideals will not be possible without tackling climate change. Although Africa’s emissions remain negligible, the continent is the most vulnerable to climate change because its major economic sectors are highly climate sensitive and its adaptive capacity relatively weak.