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Cameroon government shuts down the internet in English speaking regions

The English speaking parts of Cameroon have been facing an internet blackout since the 17th of January. This tactic being used by the Cameroonian government has been previously employed by other African countries such as Egypt, Gambia and Ethiopia. The shutdown has continued to stir debate, criticised by media activists across the continent as an attack on freedom of speech and expression.


Besigye arrest puts the police on the spot as room for freedom of expression narrows ahead of Uganda polls

According to the EC statistics, over 15 million voters are expected to turn up for the highly anticipated voting exercise but if the intimidation, arrest or threat of arrest, and violence continue to dominate Uganda’s public sphere, voter turnout could go down as in past elections , affecting the outcome of the election. What can we expect? Alex Taremwa from Kampala reports.

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Is intolerance hiding behind cultural and religious conservatism?

The recent arrest and trial of Reda el-Fouly, an Egyptian woman jointly charged with her partner for “disrupting morality” and “inciting debauchery” over a risqué music video filmed and posted online, has again raised questions over the protection of civil liberties, freedom of expression and artistic creativity in today’s climate of cultural and religious conservatism.