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Google and partners commit $100 million to African broadband project

Google in partnership with Convergence Partners, International Finance Corporation, and Mitsui have committed $100 million to invest in Africa broadband project called CSquared, a wholesale broadband infrastructure company in Africa. The partnership will support the underlying internet infrastructure in Africa which, in turn, opens up new markets for Google’s own online services in Africa.


Mother’s Day 2017: Google celebrates motherhood with a special ‘cactus mom’ doodle

Today Africans across the continent celebrate Mother’s Day. Google used its doodle to pay tribute to mothers. The animated doodle shows the story of a cactus mom through various stages of motherhood. The doodle honours mothers across the world and celebrates the sacrifices mothers make for their children. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in the world, and we thank you for all the sacrifices, and love.

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Google “African Children” and then “American Children”. The results will surprise you

This Is Africa recently did a simple experiment. We did an image search for “African children” on Google. The results were eye-opening especially when compared to Google searches for “American children” and “European children.” While the other two searches yielded images of cheerful, happy children, the image search for “African children” turned up many disturbing images of starving, distressed and yes, even gun-toting minors. Is this the real Africa or does Google need to play an active role in changing how the world sees the continent?