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Remembering Amílcar Cabral: 10 quotes

Today the world celebrates the birth and legacy of an African giant, Guinea-Bissauan and Cabo Verdean nationalist Amílcar Cabral, born September 12 1924. We commemorate the legacies of Cabral and pay homage to him by remembering the words he left us with in his quest to see the liberation, unification and development of Africa.

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The aftermath of Ebola sparks a rethink about aid

When will customs officials at airports stop checking your temperature upon arrival from an African destination? In countries like Ethiopia, half a dozen medics in white coats check whether travellers had recently visited Liberia, Sierra Leone or Guinea. Admittedly, Addis Ababa hosts the headquarters of the African Union (AU), where most of Africa’s 54 member states are represented. And these officials travel a lot.