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Anglican Church accepts same-sex couples as full members but won’t ordain LGBT clergy

The Anglican Church of Southern Africa says it now recognises same-sex couples as full members, a position which is likely going to ruffle feathers but certainly help in efforts to alleviate stigma in the church and LGBT community. However, the church rejected the “legitimizing or blessing of same sex unions” and will not ordain those involved in same gender unions.

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What can men learn from lesbians about sex?

“Reading extensively about love and tantric spirituality led me to some ground-breaking discoveries about female orgasms. As a result, through experimentation and perfect chemistry, my soul melted into another’s and I had my most torrential climax complete with a trip to outer-space and absolutely no control over my mind and body. Nothing feels greater and lighter. Unfortunately, many women do not know what that is like because for them sex is a chore: cook, clean, tend to children, give man his sex when he wants it, and go to sleep. It’s a huge tragedy worthy of an intervention.”