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Ugandan Anti-Pornography Bill Could Prohibit ‘Provocative’ Clothing on Women, Censor Film and TV and Restrict Personal Internet Use

The Ugandan government is touting a sweeping controversial anti-pornography legislation that outlaws revealing clothing and covers issues related to pornography, including child pornography, pornographic publications and even suggestive music videos. Ugandan Ethics and Integrity Minister Simon Lokodo said: “Put on a miniskirt but please don’t expose your thighs, your buttocks and your genitalia. Finished.”


Celebrating World Press Freedom Day

Today is World Press Freedom Day! What is the State of journalism in your country? Is the media a free space to operate in or is it repressive? Is the media letting you down by churning out falsehoods on a daily basis? How can we ensure that information is shared responsibly and promotes the much needed development on our continent?