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South Sudan presidency calls corruption report “a recipe for regime change”. “Don’t expect the president’s family to rent a house in a slum in Nairobi”

“Don’t expect us to live beneath our status”. That’s the reaction of South Sudan’s presidency to an explosive corruption report released earlier this week. The report, with meticulous detail, illustrated how president Salva Kiir, former vice president Riek Machar and the country’s military top brass have profiteered from civil war by siphoning off the proceeds of the young nation’s oil wealth. Kiir’s office called the report “a piece of Hollywood theatre” and has threatened to sue the people behind the exposé in the US

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The This Is Africa website launch: How we threw the party of the year in Nairobi

Ain’t no party like a This Is Africa website launch party! Just ask everyone in Nairobi where last week, This Is Africa put together the launch of the year to roll out our new-look website and debut the French version of the site. The launch was so ridiculously well attended our hosts, Nairobi’s swankiest new spot the Radisson Blu, had to make adjustments to contain the overflow. We’d love to tell you that the who’s who of Nairobi’s media, entertainment, civil society and industry attended the launch but why do that when we show you? Have a look for yourself

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Siba Mtongana: She came, she saw, she conquered our hearts 

South African celebrity chef Siba Mtongana is a class act. We should know. Last Thursday, she was the chief guest at the new This Is Africa website launch. She brought the house down with a moving speech chock-full of inspiring anecdotes from her own life. She had the audience eating out of the palm her of hand. By the time Siba was done speaking, it was easy to tell her fans in Nairobi hadn’t had enough. Lucky for them, This Is Africa, as always, had them covered. On Saturday we organized a special meet-and-greet event for Siba and her fans at Nairobi’s hottest new address, the Radisson Blu. Here’s how that went down


“We should not be Uber slaves in our country,” say Uber taxi drivers in Nairobi

Uber, the American taxi hailing up, seems to be quickly running out of friends in Kenya’s capital Nairobi. After a bumpy start to the roll out of the app in Nairobi, the app is now facing protests from within the ranks of the drivers it has recruited for slashing fares by 35%. Safe to say, it is not a good look when your own turn against you. Does Uber have a future in Africa if customers like it but taxi drivers can’t wait to get rid of it?